The Best WordPress Plugins for Business Website

Setting up a business website is a crucial step for the future of your business. It’s important to do everything right as the good website will be working for you in years. There are many blog platforms available, and the WordPress is one of the most popular ones. It is used on millions of blogs, and can offer numerous facilities which can make managing your site much easier. For instance, there are many plugins aimed at solving problems and … [Read more...]

Top 6 free wordpress captcha plugin to help rid off spams

Now a days spam attackers increase day by day they are attack on your website with putting spammy links. they are put this spamming link via comment on your blog/website, via login form, registration form and many different way they are spam your wordpress site. wordpress captcha plugin help to stop spam attack and unwanted users your wordpress website. The captcha plugins are allow you to implement a super security captcha into your website … [Read more...]

Top 15 free WordPress Twitter Widget and plugins

Nowadays, Social media is Most Significant Platform to increase blog traffic and twitter is one of the most popular social media site, it will definitely increase your blog traffic, it's always major platform for bloggers to interact with people and find perfect followers. So are you integrate your WordPress blog with twitter? No ? Don't worry here the list of  15 Awesome and powerful WordPress twitter widget and plugins which helps to … [Read more...]

Top 5 wordpress syntax highlighter plugin

list of  Top five WordPress syntax highlighter plugin which helps to highlight your programming codes snippets like Html, php, Javascript and many more languages.. List of  WordPress Syntax highlighter plugin #1 Crayon Syntax Highlighter One of the best plugin with lots of features and different themes to highlight your codes with different styles and color you can add your own color to highlight codes. Crayon supports most of the … [Read more...]

Best WordPress Backup plugin To Keep your website data Safe

Why WordPress Backup plugin required to your website or blog? For WordPress beginners case this problem is very common to lost entire site with minor reasons like just editing functions files, Manually delete some files, Editing .htaccess files and lots of minor reason can Ruins your entire site. So Avoid this problem and backup your WordPress website or blog regularly because Your one mistake can ruins your entire WordPress site.. Here … [Read more...]