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An Insightful Look At Creating and Using WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes are powerful, little snippets of code that gives you the wherewithal to place specialized content anywhere on your site. And the best part! When they are implemented, you can call used pieces of codes again and again without repetitively editing the code. For example, rather than embedding a bevy of images to create a gallery, you just need to utilize the shortcode. As you can see in this example, Shortcode resembles a HTML tag, … [Read more...]

Understanding The Dimensions of WordPress Theme Frameworks

WordPress frameworks are increasingly becoming popular tools for building themes and other development based practices. The theme development frameworks are versatile in a sense that they eliminate the repetitive coding and constant markup checks that hinder the process of theme creation. They help designers focus on the design and project-specific features by providing them an environment for developing high-impact themes, without reinventing … [Read more...]

Self Hosted WordPress VS Free Hosted WordPress – Which is Better?

As a beginner, every one of us stumbles upon this very common question – Self hosted WordPress or free hosted WordPress, which is better? To get a satisfactory answer to this question one must first understand the difference between self-hosted and free-hosted WordPress. Then according to their website requirements, it becomes easy for you to decide which one to choose. In this article we are going to see the difference between the two types … [Read more...]

Tips How to Optimize The WordPress Database Easily

Wordpress is CMS software and made with lots of hard coded and we use various plugins for extend functionality and themes, post articles, create menus, tags, categories, comments, upload media files and all this information WordPress store in single database and size is increase which affect your website speed so We have to optimize database. What is WordPress Database Optimization and why it require? As I describe on very first paragraph … [Read more...]

Tricks How to Easily Speed Up WordPress Sites

Every website owner and blogger knows that Google decides the fate of their online business, but a very low number is aware of the fact that Google hates sites where the load time is bad. Though in modern world, both servers and Internet connections have become too fast, still a poorly optimized site may fail in delivering the content as quickly as the visitors looking for. In such a situation, we can’t expect that site to perform well in SERPs. … [Read more...]