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Exploring the journey of WordPress from a blogging software to a CMS king

As per a recent research, it has been found that nearly 55% of the 1 million most-visited websites operate on WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Well, frankly speaking, WordPress has definitely been successful in becoming one of the most preferable CMSs used by web developers across the globe. In this blog, I’ll be exploring the journey of WordPress from being referred to as a usual blogging software to becoming the ruler of popular CMSs … [Read more...]

How to Find and Edit .htaccess file In WordPress

WordPress beginners have common problem of  finding .htaccess file and How to Edit .htaccess file,  here i like to share something about .htaccess file so, beginners can Understand What is .htaccess file ? why WordPress needed .htaccess file? and How to Edit .htaccess file? What is .htaccess File in WordPress? .htaccess mean Hypertext Access and it is a main configuration file used an In Apache-based web server that controls the directory … [Read more...]

How to Make Money Online With WordPress Blog and Website

WordPress is one of the major platforms used for the used for most blogging systems due to its efficient content management system. Thousands of bloggers use this WordPress to support their blog site and make it effective. But have you ever wondered of any income from your website using the WordPress? Yes you can earn Money with WordPress but it isn't very easy you have to manage your website correctly, Here is a simple guide for you how to earn … [Read more...]

How to Install and configuration of WordPress seo by yoast plugin

WordPress Seo by yoast plugin is one of the most famous seo plugin or we can say It's one stop Seo plugin for wordpress users. whenever I started my blog I am research about best free Seo plugin for wordpress and every one pointed Yoast's plugin. But After Installation I see lots of options and features of seo which I don't know and confusing about exact settings of plugin. But after few months spending with this plugin and my little experience … [Read more...]

Complete Guide and Settings of All in one seo pack plugin

All in one seo pack is one of the best plugin for WordPress sites search engine optimization, it downloaded over 14 million times which described how powerful plugin is this it's really helpful for wordpress beginners to start website optimization with this plugin. Just installation of AIO Seo pack plugin is not really helpful to you, proper setting needed for better performance, So this post will show you complete settings and description of … [Read more...]