Which is Best WordPress hosting ? Confuse ? Before starts to blow your ideas through blog to the world using WordPress you must have to know some basic features and functions to choose best WordPress hosting service because hosting is primary needs to running your blog.

When ever you go to buy hosting There are several options for website hosting like shared, vps (virtual private server), dedicated and managed hosting. So, as a beginner especially if you are not technical person it’s little bit confuse to which service better to you. here i would like to present some points and comparison which most important to consider before choosing your host companies services.

Minimum Requirements for WordPress hosting.

WordPress is built with php and MySql So its necessary to have both in hosting service. Minimum version requirements.

  • Php : Version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySql : Version 5.0 or greater
  • Apache server.

Functions Requirement for choosing best WordPress hosting.

There are several functions are must consider before purchase hosting service. here are the lists of functions.

  • Speed : Every one loves fast and up time sites. so, speed is primary functions to be consider.
  • Reliable : Easy to understand the All functions of hosting services and most important is supports all function of  WordPress.
  • One click install WordPress tools : now all major hosting service provide one click to install wordpress, its necessary for saving time and best for non-technical person who don’t know how to install.
  • Better Customer care for Support : If you stuck on something which you don’t know on control panel , query or any type of help you need it must be solve at time. So better customer service are must need.

Choose Which WordPress hosting service suits for your site?

After considering basic requirement and functions for your website, you are confused to choose shared hosting, VPS (Virtual private Server), WordPress managed hosting, Dedicated server hosting or frees hosting service.

Don’t worry here I Describe all hosting services one by one for your can understand better.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is most popular for hosting blogs and small business because is cheap and affordable so if you want start blog/website so shared hosting is best option.

shared hosting means one server are shared for multiple sites. shared hosting prices are very affordable and for very well known and good reputed hosting companies plans are start with $3 – $10/ per month. so if you want start your first blog or website shared hosting is very good option for you. I am personally use bluehost’s shared hosting service and its never disappoint me.

The major disadvantage of shared hosting service is that security level and server load issue so if your going to start major sites or concept so this is not for you.

  Best WordPress Shared hosting Companies : Bluehost , Hostgator, Inmotion.  

WordPress VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting.

VPS Stands for Virtual private servers refers to a virtual machines. VPS is a physical server which partitioning  into multiple server with respects to individual customer’s needs. In VPS You can share controls or make a new control panel for your clies/customers. VPS has the privacy of an individual physical separate computers.

VPS Hosting is little bit costly but if your blog have medium traffic, or if you are developer, or medium size website business so VPS is best option for you.

The major disadvantage of VPS hosting is person must have knowledge about sharing, os and management requirement. but if you are non-technical person than many companies provide managed vps hosting service which is most suitable for you it’s easy to manage and understandable.

• Price : probably starts $19 – $100/per month.

  Best WordPress VPS Hosting Companies: Wpengine, Hostgator, Inmotion  

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server Hosting refers type of web hosting where you allocate whole server for your site, The Major Advantage of  Dedicated server Hosting is You have full controls over the servers includes operating system, Hardware parts like printer, ram and other devices you have full rights to access. It probably not need for medium traffic blogger. if you have huge amount of traffic and major site usage and privacy is primary to you than Dedicated server hosting is best option for you.

• Price : off course if company provide whole dedicate server for your site so they cost you more price started $100-$200+ /p.m

  Best WordPress Suited Dedicated hosting Companies: inmotion, Hostgator, WPEngine  

WordPress Managed Hosting

World 17-18% website built with WordPress so due to large user power of WordPress, few hosting companies provide specially WordPress Managed hosting. This is most reliable service for WordPress because it allow only WordPress based site nothing else. This type of hosting companies provide extra care of WordPress site like optimize website speed, backup, security, advice to use specific plugin all services are provide. Great support provide if you are non-technical and want WordPress platform to maximum use then this service for you.

• Price : $29 – $99/p.m

  Best WordPress Suited Managed hosting Companies: Inmotion, WPEngine, Pagely 

Recommended Best WordPress Web Hosting Providers

Bluehost Hosting

bluehost forwpbloggerOne of the oldest and popular hosting service provider and official WordPress hosting provider.best 24/7 =365 days Customer support. easy cpanel functionality, one click install wordpress, free cdn. our site also hosted on bluehost and very happy, no any complain great customer care support.

Best Suits for : shared hosting, Dedicated hosting.

price : 6.95/p.m  special discount for forwpblogger.com customer just $ 4.95/p.m with domain free.

Read Deep analysis and reviews of Bluehost:- Bluehost review and features

Inmotion Hosting

inmotion forwpbloggerOne of the Best and reliable hosting company 100% satisfaction guarantee. Easy understandable cpanel functions, awesome customer care support. 8,500+ register just in 2013.

Best suits for : Shared, Dedicated, and VPS Hosting.

Price : $5.99/p.m (Shared), $29.99 /p.m (VPS), $119.90/p.m (Dedicated)

Wp Engine

wpengine host forwpbloggerOne of the best WordPress managed Service provide hosting only for wordpress sites. provide lots of benefits and extra care for site like backup, site optimization, security and maximize wordpress functionality.

Suites for : specially only for WordPress  site.

Price : $ 29/p.m

I hope This Article clarify your all Answer and question about WordPress Hosting related you choose Best WordPress Host Provider for your WordPress site.

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