5 Best WordPress Hosting service providers of 2013

Best WordPress Hosting Service provider of 2013?As the most used and arguably the best content management system on the internet has grown into something much larger than a simple blogging platform. Its versatile form has transformed into a tool for making all types of websites with multiple extensions and plugins.The trend of using a content management Systems (CMS) is increasing day by day.

With it, web hosting offers are also increasing. This has made the web hosting space a highly competitive market which is directly beneficial to the end user. The market is now saturated with a wide variety of web hosts to choose from. let see which Best WordPress Web hosting companies choose by people in 2013 Below is the list of the top 5 web hosts and 6th not on the list but for developer, whom you should consider.

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Bluehost : Best Shared WordPress hosting of the Year 2013

bluehost best wp shared hosting

  • BlueHost is the largest and one of the best shared WordPress hosts right now. They offer very competitive pricing and even a complimentary domain to go with your subscription. You can install WordPress with utmost ease and get your website up and running in minutes. They allow multiple domains to be registered under one account. The only disadvantage is that they provide limited bandwidth therefore it is not recommended for large businesses to use them.

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iPage Hosting : Best WordPress hosting Small business 2013

ipage hosting wp

  •  iPage provides fast and reliable servers at very low costs for the WordPress system and related databases. They allow multiple domains on one account. They allow themes to be customized for your needs. Consumers are very happy with the fact that you can host multiple domains on a single account. They have one of the lowest hosting packages in the market. Users noted very few incompatibility problems with the WordPress system.


HostGator hosting : Best WordPress Hosting for beginner

hostgator wordpress hosting

  • HostGator is regarded as one of the most reliable hosts for WordPress. They provide access to multiple themes and plugins. You can host as many domains and blogs as you want on one account. It was found that their servers often have better up time and response speed than of their competitors.
    So from the multitude of web hosting offers, it may be difficult to choose the one that suits you, but you cannot go wrong with any of the choices above.


InMotion Hosting : Best VPS Hosting of the year

inMotion hosting wp

  • InMotion Hosting is a host that consumers love largely because of their great great customer support service. As soon as you subscribe, you get access to thousands of WordPress themes and plugins completely free. They have the fastest server response time in the market. They provide a one click install of WordPress which is quite amazing. There is virtually unlimited dynamic scripting available for your blog. A few problems with them are that they only allow two domains per account and offer very little domain security to their customers. This could become a very difficult issue for small business owners in the long run.


Wp Engine Hosting : Best Managed WordPress Hosting of 2013

Wp Engine Hosting

  • Wp Engine Best Managed WordPress Hosting provides many great WordPress web hosting offers. After all, who knows WordPress better than the creators themselve, WordPress Experts supports you. Their most plans are little expensive but just gives you extreme security, reliability, and performance. As you move up the plan tiers, their prices are usually higher than competition’s but they make up for it by providing a number of extra perks such as backups, cache and security.

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Media Template Hosting (mt) : Best WordPress Hosting for developer

 Media Template WordPress Hosting

6th and not on the list but I can’t leave without mention Media Template Hosting (mt), Mt is developers heaven and all big player of developers are choose Media template hosting for several reasons ,  you can see list of big companies on above image

We needed an enterprise-class Linux platform on which to build our business. Speed, reliability, and customer service — was simple but hard to find. We found all three here. Since choosing Media Temple, we haven’t looked back.Derick Schaefer



I hope you get Best WordPress hosting and start your business or blog.

Author Bio:  This post is written by Krishna who is a Professional Blogger and SEO Expert. He is very fond of Cricket and Internet. His Philosophy in life is that “Life always gives second chance you just need to grab it at the right moment.”  This article is about top 5 WordPress web hosting companies & web hosting offers.



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