WordPress 3.7 “basie” Released today | What new features?

Today morning when I am login to my wordpress admin I saw notification of WordPress New version WordPress 3.7 available now, it’s name “Basie”, This version main developer is Andrew Nacin and Basie name based on american musician and composer count basie.

This new version comes with different updates, if you are afraid for updating wordpress then download  WordPress 3.7 and test it locally.

Before update I go through Core and wordpress Blog  topic discussion, So I can understand what they are actual updates, Let see What’s new fetures com with “WordPress 3.7”?

WordPress 3.7 features

There are lots of minor changes and major features update here is some major features they update.

Background Updates

wordpress automatic update featureThe best update feature is “automatic update” With old version on wordpress you have manually updates all plugins and themes, but in wordpress 3.7 you don’t have to do manually update this version update automatically in background. If you don’t want automatic Background Updates so you can turnoff it via config.php file.

Strong password

wpstrong password

For your website’s more security purpose they update major security, all older version of wordpress when you write your password it’s just shows password strength not you to do write force strong password but in new version they improve password area and it given inbuilt password meter which force you to write strong password.

Improved Search Result

wp improve search result

in search result they improve well with more query matches in post, In older version they have match dates but now when you search terms and post query they match keywords and matches keyword post are show top of search result.


More language pack for global support

In wordpress new version it also adds new languages mean if you are using wordpress with different languages so WordPress Automatically update language which your default language.

Multi Site Improvement

this is useful who run WordPress multisite and developers, In this updation Allows developer to get all website in one network array without restoring to database query.

And many more minor updates in new “WordPress 3.7 basai” , actual wordpress team planning to release this version on 14 October but little delay and great news is WordPress core team working on “wordpress 3.8” version and they are planning to release it on this december.

So, are you update your WordPress or not?


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