WordPress 3.8 Coming Soon: What’s New Features?

Just few days before WordPress 3.7 release and WordPress team announce to Release WordPress 3.8, WordPress 3.8 comes with several features or we can say combine many Plugins, yes this time they merge several plugins as a function in WordPress.

Main Goal of WordPress 3.8 is making visually beautiful, mobile responsive and attractive typography, so user gets all new experience for that changes they use css3 and Html5.  Let see in deep what they make changes.

What’s New in WordPress 3.8

New Visual Appearance and low contrast Dashboard

Finally WordPress Change outdated old looking Dashboard and make new interface you can see below image, for this new interface they merge MP6 Plugin.

What they Change for New Visualization?

  • Combine All News like “WordPress blog news”, “WordPress News” and “other WordPress News” in One “WordPress News”.
  • Make Dashboard Screen is Responsive, they remove number of column option dashboard automatically change responsive
  • Convert “Quick Press” into “Quick Draft”.
  • Dash Board Available in 6 Different color: Blue, light, seaweed, Midnight, Pixel, Ectoplasm

Running version and old versions of WordPress have very brighten contrast colors even old type of black and white combination which they improved for Improve dashboard they merge DAS plugin.

Improved In Dashboard

  • Add Open sans font.
  • Increase spaces between elements.
  • Use CSS Effect instead of image Images
  • Large font size

WordPress 3.8 New Dashboard feature

THX 38: Better Theme Experience

They change beautifully your theme experience here you can see theme, customize theme and also can Install theme on one place for this change you they merge THX 38 plugin.

What they Change in Theme section

  • Responsive design also accessible Mobile Device
  • Merge Customize theme and Install theme In one place
  • New Hover Effect.

WordPress 3.8 THX 38 New theme

Global Admin Search

Now you can search everything on your WordPress dashboard, for this feature they merge Omni search plugin.

WordPress 3.8 omni search image

Image Source: WordPress.org

Widget Area Chooser

You can choose widget area to place where you want show like particular page or special page for this feature they merge Widget area chooser plugin.

This feature not yet final it’s under testing but they facing problem like in touch device  dragging facility not working.

Widget chooser Area feature

New Twenty Fourteen Theme

Twenty forty is default WordPress theme and every time they make few changes but this time they come with lots new extra features, attractive typography and beautiful design.


  • Full Width Widget
  • Three Widget Ready Areas
  • Two Menu locations
  • Contributor page template
  • HTML Elements

Special widget called “Ephymera” to show off your latest video, music, links and more

New WordPress twenty fourteen theme

Take a look demo of twenty fourteen theme.

Theme Designed By: takshiirie.

Release Date: WordPress theme announced to release 12th december.

So, Excited to update WordPress 3.8? Me Too 🙂


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  1. Great Blog! Very useful, I appreciate all the information about WordPress 3.8 newer version that you just shared with us very much and I also shared this on Twitter & Pinterest.

  2. Before the WP is look old and ugly. now is better. I hope they keep working hard like this and start making the WP 4 which is much better and bigger improvement.

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