How to setup FeedBurner for WordPress

Every blogger must want to keep in touch to the regular visitors and users to follow his/her idea.Don't worry Google feedburner helps you to keep in touch with your user free. yes Google provide feedburner service is absolutely free. every blogging sites are integrate with feedburner services to keep touch to regular users. so before start setup your site to feedburner know what is feed burner? and why feedburner for your site? What … [Read more...]

How to remove WordPress version manually.

Remove WordPress Version Required because there is lots of website hack daily sorry in minutes..Hackers use brute force and botnet technique  technique to Hack Wordpress websites. Ars Technica reported last week, that this ‘huge attack’ could create a botnet like we have never seen provider, Sucuri, says the number of attacks has increased by almost 300% in just a few weeks. so if you want keep you WordPress site safe from hackers … [Read more...]

How to change wordpress url permalinks structure?

Permalink is the most important part of website and it's also help to serch engine optimization(SEO).So, Before Start Change WordPress Permalinks Structure. WordPress Beginner First Must have to know What is WordPress Permalinks? Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual posts or page, as well as categories and other lists of postings. A permalink is what another  is use to link to your article, The URL to each post should be … [Read more...]

How to install WordPress themes

Installing theme on WordPress is very easy, but for WordPress beginner I am going to describe step by step how to install Wordpress theme? WordPress Provide by default two themes, but this themes are not contain full functionality  which required in your website. WordPress provide more than 1.7k themes and its Absolutely free!...Yes Go and Download officially WordPress site and download from WordPress repository. Choose your Favorite theme. … [Read more...]