Top 6 free wordpress captcha plugin to help rid off spams

Now a days spam attackers increase day by day they are attack on your website with putting spammy links. they are put this spamming link via comment on your blog/website, via login form, registration form and many different way they are spam your wordpress site. wordpress captcha plugin help to stop spam attack and unwanted users your wordpress website.

The captcha plugins are allow you to implement a super security captcha into your website forms like login form, registration form, password recovery form, comment form and any other form which you are using for website and protect against spam. here I put 6 different WordPress captcha plugins list with its features and cons.


Lists of free WordPress captcha plugins

free wordpress captcha plugins

1 – Si captcha for wordpress

I put this plugin first because this captcha plugin is provide All in one captcha solution in one plugin, one of the best and most downloaded captcha plugin, Allow to added CAPTCHA Anti spam methods to WordPress forms, Comments, registration, lost passwor, login and any form you want.

Features of this plugin:

  • Allows to add captcha in all forms like registration, login, comments and any forms.
  • Allow trackback and pingback
  • Valid w3c HTML Code
  • Easy to config via Admin panel
  • Allow to hide captcha for login users
  • Compatible with multiple wordpress site and buddypress.
  • Akismet support.

Download Plugin : here

2 – captcha

Another best and simple captcha plugin the speciality of this plugin is it’s use mathematics puzzles like add, subtract, and multiply method instead of eye complex picture captcha method, so it can easily understood by every human beings and saves your time to attempt annoying complex captcha code.

This plugin is made by bestwebsoft.

Features of this plugin :

  • Supports more than 20+ languages
  • Allow to add label to display captcha in form
  • Compatible with buddypress form
  • Easy to configuration
  • Allow to display number or letter or combination of both
  • display good arithmetic function on forms.

Cons of this plugin

  • plugin only supports in registraion, comment, login and password recovery form.
  • For Buddypress support you have to upgrade plugin to pro which cost $9.
  • To change language you have to manually put code in your wordpress theme.

Download plugin : here

3 – WP reCaptcha plugin

wp reCaptcha plugin originated from reCaptcha plugin by google. google use this captcha method to prevent spams both attack this plugin use  OCR method read the character of captcha. thats why reCaptcha is most widely used plugin in world include major sites like facebook and twitter.

After huge popularity blaenk made this plugin into wordpress.This plugin is use very complex captcha code with complex character matching. you can use this plugin to registration form, login form and comment form major advantage of this plugin allows to Mailhide option which protect your mail spam.

Features of this plugin

  • Use Strong anti-spam captcha method
  • Allow in registration, login and comment form.
  • Compatible with wordpress multisite
  • Allow audio captcha option
  • MailHide function which helps to protect webmail against spam

Cons of this plugin

  • complex word combination makes trouble to read.
  • Plugin service provide by google so user must have gmail account.

Download WP reCaptcha plugin : here

4 – Sweet captcha Revolutionary plugin

Sweet captcha revolutionary plugin is work as it’s name, this plugin revolute in captcha method which use cute and interactive images instead of regular boring and difficult input text method and Allows to design your own captcha design.

WordPress Captcha plugin

Features of this plugin

  • Supports contact form 7
  • Buddypress support.
  • Supports different type of form like login, lost password, comment form and registration form.
  • Smartphone support like ipad, iphone and android phones.
  • different captcha method instead of regular complex method.
  • Different category like Games, Music, sort and many more.

cons of this plugin

  • Allow to design your own captcha but you have to upgrade plugin free to premium
  • Plugin uses image captcha so when server goes down image not display
  • No Installation guide or instruction
  • complex manage configuration via admin account

Download plugin : here

5 – blue-captcha

Blue captcha is powerful and highly customized wordpress plugin which protect your wordpress website against spam. uses regular image captcha method with different 30 background image.

The major advantage of this plugin is its uses “HoS” method which allow to track user log file and spammers IP address. Also allow to block spammer IP address and export all list in Excel (.CSV) file.

features of plugin

  • Supports in all type of forms.
  • display upto 20 character on captcha image.
  • Uses “HoS – hall of shame” method which allow to track user log file and Ip address of spammer.

Cons of the plugin

  • Captcha code allow multiple color with multiple background which can make difficult to read by human.

Download Plugin : here

6 – Really simple captcha plugin

Really simple captcha is plugin which does not work alone it’s work only in contact form 7. if you are using contact form 7 than this plugin is useful to you otherwise use any one on above list.

Download plugin : here

So, which free wordpress captcha plugin are you going to use?


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  2. I really appreciate the pro / con section!

  3. Thanks for the list of plugins.I have a membership site and was getting many spam registration even with SI captha plugin installed.After reading this post I switched to Sweet captcha Revolutionary plugin and it works like magic.

  4. Hi Mitul,
    Can I use simple captcha plugin both for contact form 7 and comment. Because I don’t want to use double captcha plugins.

  5. Your article give many valuable information and I will try some of them.

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  7. Hello,

    I have used the recaptcha plugin but I am unable to see the any image or character for the capcha, there is just a single button which says” I am not rebot”. can you please help me to resolve this issue.

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