Top 10 Best Genesis Plugins for genesis framework

Genesis is the one of the very popular themes for blogger and the WordPress developers, genesis framework is specially made for WordPress. here i would like to post genesis plugins which specially made for genesis framework. these genesis plugins will give your websites new look and more functionality which make your work easy .

Genesis eNews Extended


Every blogger must want attractive e-mail subscription sidebar ,and allows you to create attractive sidebar with e-mail subscription to allow user to subscribe newsletter or rss feed email. This Plugin Supports major email services company like mailchimp, aweber, feedburner and feedblitz. The widget allows the site administrator to set the either the Feedburner ID or form action, e-mail form field and hidden fields to mimic the subscribe form of other mailing list services.

Genesis Simple Headers

top10 genesis theme plugin

If you frustrate to try change your website logo on genesis theme then allows you to change header don’t have to change any css and don’t need to knowledge about html.

Genesis Simple Hooks

One of the major advantage of genesis framework is that it allows add additional action and modify in 50+ different places of your theme like above content , below content, in content  header side,footer side and many areas of theme using php,html sortcodes. This plugin gives you an attractive, easy to use interface for modifying your Genesis theme via the hook system.

Genesis Visual Hook Guide

visual hook genesis plugin

If you don’t understand above plugin or if you are not familiar of php and html language and want add extra action in theme then Genesis visual hook plugin will guide visually where the hooks,filter and markups are available on your theme.

Genesis Simple Menus

This plugin by which allows you to enable navigate secondary menus to and  The genesis framework theme Framework on a per post, per page, or per tag/category archive basis. The per post, page, category or tag setting overrides whatever menu setting you have in your Genesis Theme setting. It does require that you have your Secondary Navigation enabled in your Genesis Theme Settings.

Genesis Featured Widget Amplified

Another best plugin for genesis theme which customize featured post and also supports for custom post type and taxonomies, Exclude Ids, sorting meta keys,also allow to ad multiple hooks and lot’s features are available.

Genesis Grid

Genesis grid plugin Allow user to display post in grid format.And also allow to set feature image size.also allow to set number of Features and Teasers for both the homepage and inner pages, and how many columns the teasers are broken into.

Genesis Widgetized Not Found & 404

This plugin allow to customize your 404 error (not found page) and search not found page. plugin allow to Display your choice widget in page. you can put different widgets in 404 error page and search page separably and also allow to put sort code which make page beautiful.

Genesis Responsive Slider

top 10 genesis plugin

This plugin allow to create a simple responsive slider that displays featured images, along with the title and excerpt from each post. also allow to set your own custom height and width and which posts or group to display. best feature is this plugin is responsive automatic adjust slider with different screen resolution.

Genesis Title Toggle

genesis plugin customize theme

This plugin lets you easily remove the page title from specific pages. Turn on/off page titles on a per page basis, and set sitewide defaults from Theme Settings.

Here i would like to list out another genesis plugins which not on top 10 list but you can use to customize genesis theme.

  • Genesis Social Profiles Menu :- This plugin adds a stylesheet for social profile icons for the WordPresscustom menu
  • Genesis Widgetized Footer :- Allow to add widgets on footer area.
  • Genesis Printstyle Plus :- This plugin is useful for adding printer ready stylesheet in existing genesis theme and also add style sheet in child theme.
  • Genesis Layout Extras :- This plugin for Genesis Framework allows modifying of default layouts for homepage, various archive, attachment, search, 404 pages via theme options.
  • Genesis Nav Menu Amplified :- Extra genesis menu option with add menu, categories, pages and extra primary and secondary nav menu.

So , Which plugins are help you to customize your genesis theme???


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  1. Thanks for the responsive list Mitul.

    Some of the Genesis plugins were unknown to me. Going to try them now.

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