How to Install Simple Paypal Shopping Cart in WordPress

Now a days online shopping craze are booming, there are various e-commerce websites are available in market and various free open sources software are available who provide to create free e-commerce websites, WordPress is also best opensource for eCommerce site, just In few minutes you can convert your WordPress website into e commerce website with adding WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart plugin.

wordpress simple paypal shopping cart image

Install and Setup of WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin

Follow five simple steps to Install WordPress Paypal shopping cart plugin.

  1. Go plugin –> Addnew
  2. Write WordPress Simple paypal Shopping Cart in Search box.
  3. Hit Search button
  4. Click Install Now
  5. Activate Plugin

install wordpress simple paypal cart plugin

Configuration of the WordPress Paypal Shopping Cart Plugin

Go Setting on your dashboard and select WP Shopping Cart.

settings image of simple paypal cart plugin

Here, you will see Quick guide option skip it, We will discuss it later, go paypal and shopping setting next below quick guide.

Paypal and Shopping Card Settings

Here you can completely set up your Paypal account and Shopping card Settings. Enter your paypal email address, Text on shopping cart, and various options are available, This plugin supports more than 20 country currency.

paypal and shopping cart settings image

Testing and Debug Settings

By Enable debug option it will be write payment output into log file, check this option it is useful when payment failure then it will show what exactly wrong with payment.

you can reset debug Log files by one click.

If you are developer and want modify and testing this plugin so second option is for you, otherwise leave uncheck.

testing and debugging settings image

Now, Save your settings and see quick usage guide how this plugin sort code work on post or page.

Quick Usage Guide

Quick usage Guide describe how this plugin work on post and page with two type shortcode.

Add Cart Shortcode

Here first step They show simple sort code which you can directly paste into your post, you have to just simple replace Your product name instead of  “Test product” in sort code and write price name you want.

Show Shopping Card Shortcode

In step two sortcode you can use to show shopping card on page or post, this plugin also have inbuilt widget so you can show shopping cart in sidebar.

Quick usage guide

How to Display Shopping Cart on WordPress Post or Page?

Now Here I describe How Shopping Cart Display on post page simple few steps,

  1. Add New post
  2. Add product you want ( For Example : I Add Nokia lumia 520)
  3. Paste Sort code of the shopping cart which We show on Quick Usage Guide topic.
  4. save post

Add Shopping Cart on WordPress

 The out put of the post(How Actual display your post)

on page shoping cart

Output of the post Nokia lumia 520 with shopping Cart.

[ Note: You must have to buddy press compatible WordPress theme or you must enable member area, customer login and signup Otherwise this will not work]

Enjoy Your WordPress Simple Shopping cart Added and Working Successfully, I hope this guide will help you.

You can also review of the purchase order, and this plugin also have inbuilt widget so you can display product and cart on sidebar.


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  1. Hi Mitul,

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    Could you please help me out this query? What code you have used for that?

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