how to create xml sitemap for wordpress site using xml sitemap generator?

Everyone wants its website on top of the search engines and xml is essential for Better SEO ranking, here i would like to post detailed description for beginner to What is xml sitemap exactly and How to create Xml Sitemap for wordpress site? and How to submit XML sitemap to webmaster?

What is Xml Sitemap exactly?

Xml is the the file that contain the all url’s list of your website, In sort Xml is the one type of protocol which store your websites links information so search engines can track your website urls accurate and efficiently. It allows webmaster to crawl your website with the information of your website page or article like last update, priority of the page and related url.

What is XML Sitemap?

Why Xml Sitemap is an important?

Every website owner wants its website top of the search engine page, Sitemap play important part for search engine optimization.thats mean for seo, xml is not must required it does not affect in ranking but xml is the tool which track your website links and its information and helps to index website to search engine webmaster.

Xml sitemap is very effective and useful when your website is bigger specially for blogger who have hundreds of articles so its hard to manage all links and its crawl to search engine webmaster, then xml plays important role like manage urls link, priority of the page, last update and modified.

How to Build xml sitemap for wordpress?

It’s very easy to create an xml sitemap to your wordpress website/blog, there are several free plugins are available in wordpress plugin repository. if you are using yoast seo plugin than it have inbuilt Xml functionality but we are using Google Xml Sitemap generator It’s very easy to install and config.

Here I saw you how to create xml sitemap using sitemap generator plugin.

Installation and activation of XML Sitemap generator plugin

Download and active plugin :- Google XML Sitemap generator

After Download and activation Now go to  settings –> Xml-Sitemap 

xml sitemap for wordpress

Now before click on generate sitemap you have to config correctly follow steps

Settings of google xml sitemap generator plugin of wordpress

Basic Options

Just follow below image.

Google xml sitemap generator for wordpress

Addition page settings: this settings required when your website under different directory and home page is not staticpage like website like or

Post Priority settings:

We are using custom priority of all posts so click Do not use automatic priority calculation.

settings of xml sitemap generator

Location of your Sitemap file

Click on Automatic Detection, plugin automatically detect your sitemap.

location of xml sitemap

Sitemap content

Just include homepage, posts, following page of multiple page and static page. Don’t Includes Categories, archives, autor pages and tag pages because it can cause duplicate content issue.

xml sitemap content

Now, leave all other settings by default and save settings

Build XML sitemap

Click on sitemap link and build your first sitemap for your website.

xml sitemap generator

Check your sitemap  

How to submit XML Sitemap to search engine

Now here I show you the method to submit your wordpress website XML sitemap to search engines. But before submite website to search engine webmaster you have to verify your website, if you already verify your website to search engine so, its no problem otherwise you can refer this article to How to submit and verify your website in search engine like google, yahoo and bing?

After submit your website to search engines, you have to Submit your sitemap to google webmaster first of all Sign in to your google webmaster account and go website dashboard now follow this four steps.

  1. Click on left side Crawl tab –>Sitemaps.
  2. Click on Add/Test Sitemap Tab
  3. Enter your website sitemap xml file location.(Generally it is here
  4. Click on submit.

How to submite XML Sitemap to Google webmaster

After Successful submission of xml sitemap you can see Index status like below.

Create XML Sitemap WordPress

Enjoy, now your XML Sitemap created and successfully submitted. I hope you like this article and better understand all about XML Sitemap. 🙂


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  1. I was submitted my sitemap to GWT. After 5 days ago it was still in pending. What can i do?

  2. Hello
    My website is developed in PHP and it is generating every day new links when I post a new post
    for this how can I create sitemap.xml file now my website have 250 links it may increase in future
    please help
    Thank you

    • Hey Enenadu you create sitemap using XML-Generator website, it will create automatically xml sitemap just put your website link, then you can submit XML Sitemap in GWT. it will take some time to index. if you have any query feel free to contact..

  3. Thanks for your step by step tutorial. Works great for me. Simple and effective plugin.

  4. Good article bro. You simple way of discussing everything impressed me a lot.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.

  5. Nice tutorial to setup XML Sitemap plugin. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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