How to fix W3 Total Cache White Screen of death problem

Recently, i am checking the wordpress support forums and i see that one problem is very common to all WordPress user w3 total cache white screen of death problem speciall who just begin to use WordPress even i had same problem several time when i am new on wordpress and frustrate to find some answer but i can’t get any solution, thanx to bluehost support team which every time out me this problem. i had 6-7 times this problem so every time i can’t disturb support team so i find some solution.

WordPress White Screen of Death

Why The WordPress White Screen Error occur?

There are several reasons for occur white screen error.

  • Upgrading Plugin, theme and WordPress to latest version.
  • Adding new plugin.
  • changing wordpress source code file.
  • modifying function.php  ,.htaccess file without knowledge.

How To fix w3 total cache white screen of death Error?

if you get white screen death problem after installing w3 total cache plugin so there is two solution :

  1. Rename w3 total cache plugin folder and related files of this plugin using ftp
  2. another solution is remove lines of w3 total cache plugins in .htaccess  file.

In Both solution you must have ftp (file transfer protocol) knowledge.

Solution 1– Rename w3 total cache plugin folder and related files of this plugin using ftp

This solution is very simple and easy you have to just follow few steps that may be help you to out of this problem

1 – login to your website through Ftp and select public_html or another directory folder where your website install.

2 – select wp-content Directory.

3 – In wp-content folder find two folders cache and w3tc-config folder and three file advance-cache.php,object-cache.php, and db.php.

Now you have to rename all two folder and three files to replace .xxx in end of file name or extension like , and same to all files.

4 – now after rename all files try to login your website admin dashboard if you still show some error like particular file still relate with w3 total cache so you have to do same rename process with that file and clear all cache, refresh your browser and try again to login admin dash board.

5 – after successful login to admin dashboard navigate plugin–>installed plugin–> deactivate –>w3 total cache plugin.

Now, refresh your browser your website is normal now.

If, you still get error so you can try second solution.

Solution 2 –  Remove lines of w3 total cache plugins in .htaccess  file

In second solution you have to Edit  .htaccess  file, follow below steps –

  1. – login to your website directory (probably under public_html) folder via ftp.
  2. – In directory  find .htaccess file. [ note :- before editing .htaccess file backup your original .htaccess file]
  3.  now, edit .htaccess  file and remove all lines which relate to w3 total cache plugin.
  4. – now go wp-content directory –> select plugin folder and select w3 total cache plugin folder rename the folder.
  5. – login to your website admin dashboard.

I am sure your website now running completely.

w3 total cache plugin is one of the best plugin i am still using this plugin and i am sure it will increase your website speed you have to just do proper setting.

read: How to config w3 total cache plugin.



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  1. If I understand correct – you disable the plugin, and it doesn’t suppose to function after these actions.
    I deactivated the plugin and solved the problem this way, but now my site is slow..

    • @Eran Shefi After Deactive Plugin..Try to delete manually w3total cache files and folder and again install w3 total cache plugin and config it properly.

  2. Hi, as simpler way is to manually disable all plugins via PhpMyAdmin

  3. Yeah! that was really helpful 🙂 Thanks man! Thanks a ton.

  4. Hi,
    Thank you for this, I was going around in circles for a while there.

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