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Every website owner and blogger knows that Google decides the fate of their online business, but a very low number is aware of the fact that Google hates sites where the load time is bad. Though in modern world, both servers and Internet connections have become too fast, still a poorly optimized site may fail in delivering the content as quickly as the visitors looking for. In such a situation, we can’t expect that site to perform well in SERPs. In this article, we will learn why websites and blogs get slow down, how Google treats these sites and what are the possible fixes for such issues.

So starting with Google, it ranks and recommends the sites to searchers only when they contain valuable content, solid SEO as well as optimized and professional design. Google is too smart in analyzing sites for several aspects including their popularity by analyzing inbound links, by site structure and design through their internal linking structure and by evaluating the user behavior for a particular webpage.

When your website loads slowly, users mostly show a negative response. Researchers have proved that an Internet user only waits for maximum 4 to 5 seconds for a site to load before pressing the back button of the browser. Now if your site has poor load time, then most visitors will press back button after reaching your site from Google search and they will return back to Google telling it that your site failed to satisfy them. Google counts this and this factor, which is called bounce rate, impacts your SERP rankings negatively.

Prerequisite – Check Website Performance

Before start to improve website performance we have to test website speed and performance, you should all know how to test speed but I think as a guide I have to mention some UseFull tools which you can use for test website performance which I use listed below.

Read : How to check your website speed with GTmetrix Plugin.

Why your site slows down?

The most common reason behind the slow load time of websites and blogs is their poor optimization. Generally, every blogger and website owner want to make her / his website more beautiful and they use several scripts. Such scripts including JavaScript’s and excessive CSS slow down the load time dramatically.

Images are an important part of the content on a website along with text and other media, but poorly optimized images eat up a huge bandwidth, resulting in poor performance of the website or blog they are used on. When large-sized and unfriendly formatted images are used on a webpage, they contribute significantly in slowing down the load time of that particular page.

The third factor, which contributes to the slower load time, is hosting. We can’t expect a good performance from a shared server, particularly if it is from a crappy brand.

How to Improve Load Time – Some Fixes

Now coming towards fixes, improving the load time and in turn boosting your site’s visibility in SERPs isn’t a tough task if you understand and figure out what needs to be optimized on your site for its optimal performance. Below mentioned fixes are the ones applied on most cases.

Most Important – Hosting

Most Important, it is your server where its performance will decide how quick your pages load. So before choosing a host for your WordPress website, do a thorough research and find a reputable one. If you can afford, prefer to purchase a dedicated , and Specially Managed  WordPress HostingVPS hosting instead of a shared one. It will improve your website’s performance greatly.

Know All About WordPress Hosting and How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting?

In addition, enable caching for your content as well as use a CDN like MaxCDN if you can afford. It will boost the content delivery from your website, resulting in improved load time and improved SERP rankings.

These were some facts about load time of websites and some possible fixes on how to improve the load time to boost the search visibility for any particular website or blog. Practice these tips over your online content and see how quickly they deliver positive results.

Use Fewer Scripts

You need to keep your site design clean and simple. Always remember that your visitors visit your site for information, not for viewing beauty there. So to ensure that scripts aren’t slowing down your site, never use third party JavaScript, JavaScript containing widgets and excessive CSS. Limit the number of widgets to as minimum as possible. Use a lighter and simple template. If you are hosting your blog with a CMS like WordPress, use only necessary plugins. The more you will install plugins, the more they will add scripts and it will result in poor load time of your blog.

Optimizing Images

As I discussed earlier, images slow down your site significantly, so always compress images and save them in a web-optimized format before uploading and inserting them in webpages. GIF format is recommended for web. JPEG images should be compressed in PhotoShop or any other tool by reducing their quality before using them on webpages. The resolution should be kept small too. All these optimization will greatly improve your site’s load time and will result it to perform better in SERPs.

WordPress Have Three Awesome Image Optimizer Plugin You can Use One of them:

  1. WP Smush.itI put This Plugin on first list because 90 out of 100 blogger and website developer use this plugin to optimize Images. This plugin Have lots of functionality which optimize your image automatically.
  2. EWWW Image OptimizerAnother great plugin to optimize Images, the best feature of this plugin is if you are using NextGEN, GRAND FIAGallery or any plugin for slider it have inbuilt optimize functionality.
  3. CW Image OptimizerThis is nothing but alternative option for you for optimize image , this plugin also have good functionality.

If you don’t want use plugins so there is another best way to optimize images online free, for online optimize image you can use Image optimizer Online or Yahoo tools.

Enable Cache

Don’t know what is cache and how enable cache for WordPress Website? Don’t worry WordPress plugin repository Have thousands of free plugin and there are many plugins which really helpful to your website, just plug and play features. Also have Awesome cache plugins like W3Total Cache and WP Super Cache Use one of them to enable cache even lots of features they have which guaranteed make your website super fast.

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Minify Java-scripts(js) and CSS

If you are using any tools to see your website’s performance, you always see one thing Minify Javascripts and CSS. I am using Gtmetrix tool to see website performance result. as you can see below result it will show to which CSSs and Javascripts have to minify.

minify js and CSS WordPressThere are lots of plugins are availble for minify but I choose best plugins which you can use for Minify Javascripts and CSS.

  • WP Minify: This Plugin use minify engines to minify your javascripts and css , Also have lots of functionality which make your website fast.
  • Better WordPress Minify: This plugin also provide great minify functionality you can use this plugin for good result.

Use Premium Themes

This very Important to all that you must use premium themes for your Website instead of free themes, there are several reasons to use premium themes, because premium theme build with better code quality and structures which will not only help you to built better website even good structured website here I recommend some Awesome themes which you can use.

Use CDN’s

When We are discuss about Website speeds how forget CDN (Content Delivery Network). If you are absolutely new on blogger or developer so know first What is CDN and how it will improve your Website Speed? I am using MaxCDN for my site, Just go with MaxCDN without will make your website blazing fast.

Final Thought

In sort I listed Plugin lists, themes and hosting which I use for my website, My Website performance almost A rank in both Google page speed and yahoo. So Install plugins listed below and just makes your website fast without afford.. Just go with it.

Check out My Website Performance

Pingdom Tool





I hope this Guide will Help you to Improve Your WordPress Website speed and Performance.


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