How to Install WordPress on Mac with MAMP in Five Steps

You may call yourself an expert in WordPress for installation of WP on local server in windows but you might start looking hither and thither when it will come to install WordPress on mac with MAMP. It is possible that you have earned the expertise but a majority of users does not understand it. There are many standalone software applications available over web for Windows so that is easy. In this tutorial, you will learn installing WP on Mac with MAMP, which is still a cumbersome process.

How To Install WordPress on Mac With MAMP ?

There are just five steps.

Step 1 : Download MAMP And WordPress

Initially, you should download the MAMP software from below given links. During the downloading, You need to take initial steps such as creation of a database from phpMyAdmin. The size of your software will be 150 MB because it includes the Pro version files, which requires payment to unlock.

You can also purchase the pro version but your requirement can be fulfilled with free version. However, you will have to download the entire file because they do not provide the free version separately. The locked pro version will come along with the free version. So, the downloading of software can take time as per the internet speed of your connection.

Install MAMP on Mac

Post downloading process, you need to get to the installation process of this software in your Mac. If you are new to Mac then you can read a tutorial over web to understand the process of installing a software application in Mac. It will solve the problem. After installation, you can launch this software application and check that the server is working fine or not. In case, you are facing some error then do not get panic. It is just the conflict of ports with other apps like Skype. In order to fix this, you need to get to the Port panel and set all the ports default. The problem should be solved by now. If the problem still persist then you can change the port of Skype to fix the issue.

 install wordpress on mac with mamp


Step 2: Create Database on mamp

Now, you need to create the database by navigating to phpMyAdmin from the MAMP screen. You need to click on Open Start Page to get to phpMyAdmin. At here, now you can create your database. In this way, you should pick a name for your database, which you can retain until the configuration of WordPress.

Install wordpress on mac server

Step 3: Install WordPress locally on mac

Now, you need to unzip the WordPress. For this purpose, you should navigate to applications then MAMP, and then htdocs to extract the files form WP folder.

step 3 mamp server

Step 4: Edit wp-Config Files

Congratulations! You have come so far now you just need to rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php . After rename , you can open the files to enter the database details & user details.

On opening, you need to provide database name that will be like (ABC_WP). In case of db_user & db_password, you can fill ‘root’ for both credentials.

wp config file on localhost

Step 5: Final Step

At this step, you need to open the browser and type http://localhost. On hitting the search button, you will get to a WP installation page. Now, you need to enter the credentials to install WP in your localhost.

final step to install wordpress

After getting over from final step, you can start managing and customizing your blog right from your local host. It will be an interesting and adventures experience for you. In case, you still find some issues then you should read the tutorial again with utmost dedication and concentration to avoid missing a single aspect. It will simply make your blogging more productive.

Author bio-  Nick Carter is a freelance blogger associated with Custom wordpress development at full-time basis. He has been blogging for company for past 5 years and currently heads the editorial team of various wordpress  technology blogs and provide services to hire wordpress developer.


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