How to Make Money Online With WordPress Blog and Website

WordPress is one of the major platforms used for the used for most blogging systems due to its efficient content management system. Thousands of bloggers use this WordPress to support their blog site and make it effective. But have you ever wondered of any income from your website using the WordPress? Yes you can earn Money with WordPress but it isn’t very easy you have to manage your website correctly, Here is a simple guide for you how to earn money from your WordPress blog site.

Making Your WordPress Blog

It is important for you to have an idea of how you make your website/blog site into a WordPress site. Simple select Best WordPress Hosting and niche Domain name, choose domain name with you get domain name with cheaper price. we host our site at Bluehost they give free domain

Choosing a Niche

Selecting a particular niche is very important for a blog site.Considering a niche with a broad scope is important for you to have your site active and fresh with new content. Choosing a unique niche that you can easily write about to producing different content can make your site more search engine friendly.

Making Your Blog a WordPress Blog Site

You can have a WordPress blog site by creating a new blog site using WordPress or converting your existing blog site using free WordPress platform. With the available hosting facilities, paid or free, you can host your WordPress website and make the necessary changes.

Choose Niche Themes

Theme plays big roll to earn, WordPress offers you with numerous themes but good optimize theme are require which make you top of search engine we use genesis theme which is seo friendly and user friendly theme.

Obtaining Traffic

Traffic is very important for any website; there is no use in excellent articles if they do not reach your audience. Using the WordPress along with ethical online marketing strategies you can gain the expected traffic.

Gaining a proper visibility and a good search engine ranking is important to gain the traffic. Using the back links you can submit your website to various related directories, as this also contributes to the traffic.

Monetizing Your Blog Site

Once you achieve a unique niche, a good number of posts in your blog site, a good web-hosting service, brilliant design for the blog site along with advance features and a considerably good traffic per day, you can focus on creating a proper online income. There are few methods of online income which are more compatible with WordPress; however advertising is the best method to gain an income for your website.

Join Affiliate Marketing and Pay Per Click

Affiliate Marketing

Joining Affiliate marketing you can earn handsome money and commission, once you join affiliate marketing particular product which related to your website or blog [for example: My site target WordPress users, so people come to my site who related to WordPress and WordPress beginners to learn WordPress so I join WordPress related product like HeadWay Theme, which is very useful theme for WordPress beginner to build Website so if customer go through my link and buy product i will get commission] like this way when someone buy product through affiliate link you get commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the famous way to make money online there are lots of company who provide affiliate programme, I am huge fan of it is one of the famous company who provide lot’s of product and manage your affiliate clicks and earns, sharesale have good amount of WordPress related product, so don’t wait go and join Don’t Worry It’s free 🙂 only one condition you can join you have blog or website running they review your website and within one day they get back to you.

there is another lots of company who provide affiliate programs like clickbank, themeforest, commission junction, amazon, ebay and many more..

Join Pay Per click

This is completely opposite of affiliate marketing , in affiliate marketing you get commision when some one bye product not for click affiliate link but in pay per click method you get money if user click on link.

Using this method can give you a good income once a person visits your website and spends a considerable amount of time on your blog site and click on ad banner on your website you get money. Google AdSense and yahoo ad are major ad sites which pay for your visits for your blog site.

Place ad on your Website/Blog using plugin

Now when you get affiliate links or product link or banners so you have to put on your website to promote product, for this you have to use plugin, In wordPress there are lots of Plugin who manage your affiliate links and banners I provide some plugin list which will help you.

For Affiliate link Management

  • Pretty link Plugin: one of the best affiliate manager plugin you can see real time hits of link and display monthly, daily hits with bars, we use pretty link pro plugin seriously its awesome.
  • Thirsty affiliate Plugin: This is also best plugin which manage your complete affiliate links.

For Banner ad management

banner manager, count click, display  and widgets for you to give a unique look to your blog site as well as to increase the performance and add new features to your website.

List of Best Banner Ad management plugins are:

  • OIO Publisher : All in one solution of your affiliate links and banner ad management get this plugin.
  • AdRotate: Best free WordPress Plugin which manage your  banner ad.
  • WP 125: using this plugin you can put 125 by 125 banner ad on sidebar, we use this plugin as you can see on sidebar.

Put InfoLinks

This is the in-text advertising method you can put  pay per click link on in between any of your article , which gains you the traffic as well as increases the income for you, as they give a considerably larger payout.


Author Bio:

Ghulam e Mustafa is project management officer and CMS Developer at Web Masters Eye, a web optimization company in Pakistan. He learns and shares his experience on web field.


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  1. WordPress blog is a platform many people use to make money online. Unless, the reader is not Internet savvy, he must have learned that WordPress can be used to make money. However, its still good to be reminded of the different ways to make money through this platform as described in this post.

  2. WordPress is no longer just used to power blogs. It’s flexibility provides web designers with the freedom to design sites with no limitations. WordPress is best thing by which you do just about everything you would desire to do on the web. Also you can make money.

  3. Thank you for sharing this ! I don’t have much work for now.. I think online job is a good part time job for those who earn much.

  4. Gohar Rasheed says:

    Thankyou for this information bro…. that is very helpful. nice work

  5. WordPress and Blogger, the only two platforms I use for my blogs

  6. Thanks for the tips on making money with a wordpress blog. There is so much information out there that it is not always for a beginner to know exactly what to do. I found it useful myself to follow an up to date training course which covers everything I need to know in detail. Then I research other areas for additional methods to succeed online, but always using the training course as a base.

  7. I so love working with WordPress. The many available themes and plugins truly help a lot of business owners and bloggers earn money.

  8. I think with guest posts you can make some money with a WP site. Also PPC is a good way.

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