how to install wordpress with simple scripts

Install wordpress using simple scripts on website is very easy. provide one click install wordpress on website its take very less time to install wordpresss. is very popular for installing open source applications on website. you can trust on if your site is hosting with bluehost server so bluehost cpanel already include simplescripts many other hosting companies provide one-click application install but if your hosting company does not provide WordPress installation and you are upload wordpress manually so just forget that because simplescripts save your time. so just follow steps to one click install WordPress on website.

How To Install WordPress Using Simple scripts :

  1. sign-up and verify account
  2. choose wordpress in scripts list.
  3. Install WordPress   and
  4. fill the ftp and domain information.

Now take a look step by step installation with screen shot ….

Sign Up with simple scripts :

Go :-  :-

Enter Your E-mail Address and select your Web Host Company name if your hosting company name not avialble on list so select other and type company name.

install wordpress

Check  accept terms of simple-script and submit it.

now check your mail. simple script send username and password. using that username and password login to

Choose WordPress version on simple scripts list.

Now select the wordpress in scripts list.

one click install wordpress

Install WordPress

click install.

wordpress simplescript


Fill the FTP Information

Choose Your Control panel type [commonly   shared account have cPanel, Write your Domail Name, Enter Your Ftp Information,

FTP Host Name,  Username, Password, Ftp Root Directory,  and submit the form

wordpress on webserver

After Successful submit form write install  preference

how to install wordpress

Choose Latest version of WordPress.

Enter your site name and enter path where you want install WordPress if you wish to install WordPress by under your site public folder then leave blank

open Advance option and write username and password for WordPress.  if you wish auto generate username and password so tick on random create username and password tick on auto create database. And Submit Information!

Your WordPress installation complete now.

guide to install wordpress

Now login your website :-

and enter your password.if you tick on random generate password then after complete installation check your mail simple script send you username and password of wordpress.

After Install WordPress Install 10 essential plugins to increase wordpress functionality:

Read : Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Blog

So, I hope you like my tutorial about Install WordPress With Simple scripts, Enjoy WordPress any trouble need help?  feel free to comment……..


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