Ultimate Guide to Manage Automatic Updates in WordPress

WordPress 3.7 comes with one major update feature called “WordPress Automatic background updates” which handle your all automatic updates you don’t have update manually all core files updates, But there lot’s of people who don’t want this feature they want update wordpress version but don’t like to this update feature so they afraid for updating wordpress 3.7.

So here I am going to describe so many answers of confusion like how to manage Automatic Updates in WordPress. if you want disable automatic updates in wordpress, allow just plugin and theme update or Allow only major, minor updates thats all.

Test Your Website Functions ready for Update WordPress?

If you afraid to update wordpress 3.7 or not updated yet or If you already update WordPress so, Before manage any updates or modify I must say test your website functions Meets All condition to background updates? WordPress lead developers Andrew nacin and dion Hulse make on plugin called Background Update tester.

Install plugin and test your website O.K and Meets all condition required for automatic updates?

Check It Dashboard –> Update Tester. Here it test some primary needs which Required for Background Update?

Automatic updates in WordPress

Now if you pass all function condition so your website ready for update.

How to Manage Automatic Updates In WordPress?

There is two way to control automatic updates in WordPress.

  1. Manage WordPress Automatic Updates Manually Via Wp-config.php File
  2. Manage WordPress Automatic Updates Using Plugin

1. Manage WordPress updates via wp-config.php file

Here, I describe how to control various WordPress updates, you have to just copy below code into your wp-config.php file

 Note: This codes are sensitive, It will affect your website So, Before Copy this code into your wp-config.php file you must backup your wp-config.php file 

Control WordPress Core updates

Enable Minor Core Update

Minor core update by default enable for WordPress you don’t have to enable it, Minor update means it update automatically core file related security and maintenance.

Disable All Core Updates of WordPress

If you don’t want WordPress Automatic update security related files So using this below code Disable all core Updates of WordPress security and maintenance files.

Enable Auto update for all files

By Enable this feature your websites themes, plugins and all files update automatically.

Disable Automatic Background Update For WordPress to All  files

By Enable this feature your websites all files update Disable you have to update manually.

WordPress 3.7 comes with new filtered option so you can also control updates using filter method, you can refer wordpress codex for more information.

2. Manage WordPress Automatic Updates Using plugin

There is lots of problem occur for non technical person who don’t know much about coding and to change wp-config.php file so, George stephani and chip bennet make plugin and just release yesterday called Update Control.

It make easy for beginner and non technical person to manage all controls of wordpress updates via admin panel. using this plugin you can manage all updates like major, minor update enable/disable, Automatic update enable/disable, core file update enable/disable and many more.

After Installation of this plugin user will difficult to find Where is exactly this settings. So Here I will describe you path.

Wp Update control plugin path

Go dashboard–> Settings –> General settings, and scroll down at the end of  page you will see automatic update settings like below picture.

Screenshot of general settings of plugin

Disable Automatic Update in WordPress

I hope this guide will helps you and using one of this two method you can control and manage your WordPress automatic updates , which method you will use to control updates for your website ?



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