Tips How to Optimize The WordPress Database Easily

WordPress is CMS software and made with lots of hard coded and we use various plugins for extend functionality and themes, post articles, create menus, tags, categories, comments, upload media files and all this information WordPress store in single database and size is increase which affect your website speed so We have to optimize database.

What is WordPress Database Optimization and why it require?

As I describe on very first paragraph WordPress store all Plugin information, user data, Plugin data, Meta data information and WordPress file data all are store in MySQL Database and when we uninstall some Plugins, delete users, or we create tag but never used that tag in any post (called orphan tag) and delete themes however sometime its data remain in database which never delete itself we have to clean up it manually which is called database optimization.

Methods to optimize WordPress Database?

There are two ways to optimize WordPress Database

  1. Using Plugin optimize database
  2. Manually database optimize via cPanel PhpMyAdmin.

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1. Optimize WordPress Database using Plugin

There are various plugins are available in WordPress plugin repository but I am using WP-Optimization it’s very easy to use and you can also set schedule for database optimization so it will clean up automatically you never worry about that.

Features of WP-Optimization this Plugin

  • Remove Spam Comments
  • Remove Orphan Post Meta
  • Remove Unapproved Comments
  • Remove auto draft Posts
  • Remove all post revision
  • Remove unused tags
  • Remove Pingback and trackback

Extra features

  • Set schedule to run automatic optimization

Here I Provide Some Screenshots of WP-Optimize Plugin So you can get better understand how this plugin Works and Optimize Database.

Just install plugin and go WP admin Panel >> Select WP-Optimize.

Select All options Which you want clean up and press process button.

Clean Up WordPress Database

As Below Image you can see How the Optimize result clean up garbage of MySql Database.

Optimize WordPress

You can Also Set Schedule for Optimization.

Schedule for Database Optimization

Another plugins for Optimize Database

2. Optimize WordPress Database manually using PhpMyAdmin

If you don’t want use plugin for database optimize so, you can also optimize WordPress Database using cPanel PhpMyAdmin.

It’s very easy I am using bluehost and its cPanel is very user friendly, every hosting company provide cPanel just login to your cPanel and go.

cPanel –> Databse Tools –> phpMyAdmin

Optimize database using cPanel

Now select your WordPress Website database. Scroll down Windows On the very last there is option click on check all and select option from drop-down optimize Database.

Cleanup Table

Done, I Hope this Guide Help you to Optimize the WordPress Database very easily.



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