Complete Guide and Settings of All in one seo pack plugin

All in one seo pack is one of the best plugin for WordPress sites search engine optimization, it downloaded over 14 million times which described how powerful plugin is this it’s really helpful for wordpress beginners to start website optimization with this plugin.

Just installation of AIO Seo pack plugin is not really helpful to you, proper setting needed for better performance, So this post will show you complete settings and description of all functions All in one seo pack plugin.

All in One SEO Pack plugin Setting

General Settings

Leave general settings are default cause we have never require to modify, its already set.

Home page setting

In home page setting you Will see three Option Home Title, Home Description and Home have to fill it carefully because this is very important part it is describe about your website, what is website about.

All in One Seo pack

First in Home Title write your website name and sort and sweet description [Note: its Must Be less than 60 character]

For Example my blogs main topic is wordpress so i wrote : forwpblogger | your WordPress guide

Second in Home Description write about your websites sort description. [Note : Its Must Be less than 170 character]

For Example if your blog about Mobile so you can write about like : our website provide complete features,guideline and reviews of mobiles and Also provide comparison of mobile features.

Third in Home Keyword  write 6-7 keywords which must target your website [Separate keyword with commas]

For Example if blog about mobile then write : mobile reviews, mobile technology, mobile comparison, mobile feature, mobile guideline, mobile tip.

Keyword settings

Keyword is not much affect search result but as i said 6-7 keyword is good. But don’t repeat keywords. In WordPress category and tags optimize by default so be careful to choosing category and tags.

All in one seo pack plugin

Here i Enable keywords category and tags as Meta Keyword. If you are index category or tags so you can choose one of them. which i will explain in below Noindex Section.

Title Settings

In Updated Version of All in One seo pack Plugin config this Section Title Setting  good by default so leave this as it is, if you are beginner than don’t try to modify.

All in one Seo pack Title Settings

Custom Post Type Settings

If you are write custom post type for themes or plugin than  enable this option otherwise leave  it by default , In below snapshot I enable Custom post type because I use it otherwise if you are beginner than It not necessary you can learn more here about difference between custom post type and default post type.

Custom post type Settings of AIO

Display Settings

This is nothing but just Show Setting of all in one seo plugin where it display so check on posts, pages and Admin bar it’s depend on you where you want display if on top Menu so enable last option.

Display Settings of AIO plugin

Webmaster Verification

In Webmaster verification Enter your Google, Bing and pinterest verification codes. Which Assign you During When you Submit your site to Google, Bing and pinterest.

Google Settings

When you search in google usually you see author photo below search result. In  this section Google settings help you to show your photo below your posts in Search result. but you must have google+ Account and also claim google authorship.

Read :  Learn How to verify google authorship.

Paste your Google+ profile URL into Google Plus Default Profile text area option.

All in one pack plugin supports Google analytics.

Paste your Google analytic code in Google Analytic ID area your code look like – UA-XXXX.

Google Settings of All in one SEO

Noindex Settings.

This is little difficult to understand for beginner. No index means page or post never index in Google search.if you check on category, Tag or archives then it never indexed in Google search result. So checking this fields you can avoid duplicate contains. you can unchecked tag or category if you want index category or tag.

No index Settings of AIO plugin

You can use noindex/follow plugin for better handle.

Advance Settings

in Advance settings first option auto generate Descriptions is by default checked which generate descriptions.

in Second option check on remove Descriptions for Paginated Pages because if you write long post and you divide post into two page so first page description is Enough second page description not required.

leave all option by default.

All in one seo pack advance setting

Update settings.

Extra Feature Settings

Go Feature Manager and Active Both xml sitemap and Social.

All in one Feature manager image

AIO XML Sitemap Settings

Now After enable both features go XML Sitemap.

go xml sitemap image

Don’t click on Build Sitemap first Make roper Xml Sitemap Settings,

File name Prefix: here you can change sitemap name or you can leave it by default.

Notify Google and bing: check this option so every time when you post article or page so your sitemap notify Google  and bing to index page.

Enable Sitemap Indexes: By enable this option your sitemap start create other wise its not create, so don’t forget to enable this option.

Pagination Sitemap Index: disable this option because if pagination page index so it will cause duplicate content Issue.

Post type: Enable all post types you have to index.

Taxonomies: Most Important Unchecked this option because as I mention above If you enable this options it may causes Duplicate content.

Unchecked Data archive.

Author Page: If you running single author blog then you have to enable this option otherwise leave it disable.

XML Sitemap settings of all in one seo pack


Social Meta Settings

this is new feature of this plugin, Now a days Social site is more important and using social site you can attract more targeted customer I know you all are aware of this and you already made your website’s official page, so here you have to fill thats all information, so this plugin add your social site information and link on meta tag.

Profile Admin ID

In this text are you have to add your profile admin ID, you can find your Id using this Tool, and in sitename you have to write your website name.

Social Settings of AIO plugin WordPress

Final Result How to Show on facebook Page

Here Below Image you can see the result how All in one seo post your article on facebook, you can see on more on our facebook page.

facebook page post

How to Use All in seo pack plugin on post or page?

After update successful setting of plugin. Now here you can see how this plugin work for your post or page to show on search engine, Where you are going to write particular topics post or page so below section of post writing you can see preview snippet , title , description, keywords, robot meta and in All in on seo section. so in this section you have to write about your post topic description.

For example if i am going to write review and features of  Nokia lumia 520, so in the Title section i wrote Nokia lumia 520 features and review. In description i wrote sort description about post and phone. In keyword i wrote six,seven different keyword about nokia lumia phone and posts about.  and leave robots noindex part as it is it’s not required, and after complete fill all section you will see preview snippet which shows how your post show in search result like yahoo, google, bing and major search engine, So Every time when you are going to write new post/page you have to fill this form which target and describe your topic good and boost your google rank.

All in setting on post or page

 Enjoy!! I Hope this All in one SEO Settings will help to optimize your blog.



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  1. Hey you obviously know seo because I found your website by searching on google. Thanks so much for giving me these tips in this post, I have a brand new site that I want to optimize the best way that I can! Thanks again…

  2. What is the benefit to having 6-7 keywords. If I have a lot more does that hurt my SEO?

  3. I keep trying to understand the “no index” section of All in One. I follow what others say I should do but I’m still confused about what they mean. Thanks so much for the article.

    • @V hamilton “No-Index” mean that page not index by search engine, if you index category and tag so it will cause duplication issue, And “no-index-follow” mean Its not index by search engine but it follow that term.

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  8. hy mitul
    thanks for replying me. yesterday i am trying to comment there but somthing problem there .that my comment are not added in this post . mitul you suggest me that i reindex my website and also remove the url in webmaster tool .. ok if i reindex my website , than how much time google take to reindex my website i have almost 180 articles on my blog , actually i am a new blogger and in starting i make a mistake to add tags and catogeries index , actually i am not familar of all in one seo plugin. so google index my site with tags and catagories ,and its not good so you suggest me to remove url , plz tell me if i only reindex my website and not use remove url option than what take effect on google search engine and in webmaster tool. plz expalin it as much you know about it. thx in anticipation

    • @Umar your Website have lot to do and first Do category and Tags noindex/follow in All in settings which helps you to stop Duplicate content and then make proper robots.txt see this Guide, it will help you to block pages/post which you want stop index. and then remove urls using google webmaster tool Dashborad—>Google index –> remover url, Remove urls which you want. I hope you can Understand. Keep in touch 🙂

  9. Hi Mitul. I’m having some trouble with the page description and title in the all in one plugin. What’s showing in my preview snippet is not showing up in google search results – it seems to be overriden by the homepage description. Any help on this would be so appreciated. I just want my page title and description (exactly what is shown in the preview snippet) to display in Google search results. Thank you!

    • Hi aliya I think when you submitted your website to search engine that time you used another plugin which use your WordPress Website name and its description, and Now you use AIO plugin then you have to wait to google update it self Your Website name and Description in next crawl or if you want quick change so follow this link may be you get your answer , if not then feel free to comment 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for these tips..

  11. Hello Mitul
    You really shared very informative article. I was searching for the complete guide for ALL IN ONE SEO SETTING but didnt got it at one place and here it get it.I have updates all the things that you mentioned in your article.

    Thanxx Once Again !!

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  17. “Meta Keywords” and “Keyword Density” are two different things.
    The Meta Keyword Tag is no longer read by Google or Bing..
    And use of it can hurt you as it is one of the clues they use to determine if a site is spamming..
    “Keyword Density” is the repetition of words in all areas of your site including the meta title and description.

  18. Bing does not use Meta keywords..
    Using “Meta Keywords” has potential to hurt you as it is one of the clues search engines use to determine if a site is spamming..

    • I think Meta keyword Doesn’t Hurt, If hurt then My site not in 1st Search result…Yea you ryt Google and bing stop using metakeyword but They even don’t say if you are use metakeyword then your site spam list or hurt ranking….I saw that wpbeginner also use metakeywods…

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  20. Hi
    When you are using All in one SEO what do you do with the Tags box on a wordpress post? Do you leave blank or use the same keywords as in the keywords box on SEO??


    • Use Different keywords in both box. if you are confusing in both box so I must say leave Meta Keyword box empty Because Search engine Doesn’t consider Meta Keywords But use Tags its effective.

  21. Franc Karpo says:

    Hi Mitul,

    Your info has really helped me a lot. I was struggling setting up Google Sitemaps. (I was using a separate plugin for that), but now with All in One SEO, it is much easier.


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    Can i use All in one SEO for meta Tag data as i am concern about laser keywords research and optimization.

  25. thx Man, but You explain this option is wrong
    Pagination Sitemap Index: disable this option because if pagination page index so it will cause duplicate content Issue.
    Paginate Sitemap Indexes mean that you can Split long sitemaps into separate files.
    and that is very important for big site 🙂

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  31. thanks, u’re information very nice n useful for us..:)
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  37. Hi Mital! Thanks a lot for comprehensive instructions. When I received the website from the developers it had Yoast installed. I created meta descriptions for all the pages using Yoast. Later I installed AIO . So now have them both. The only problem that I had was duplicate meta description. I turned of the check box for creating auto descriptions. Looks good now. Should I anticipate any problems having both packs installed?

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