How to setup FeedBurner for WordPress

Every blogger must want to keep in touch to the regular visitors and users to follow his/her idea.Don’t worry Google feedburner helps you to keep in touch with your user free. yes Google provide feedburner service is absolutely free. every blogging sites are integrate with feedburner services to keep touch to regular users. so before start setup your site to feedburner know what is feed burner? and why feedburner for your site?

What is Feedburner?

Feedburner is a RSS feed generator service from Google. It provide to feed your websites posts, articles and other services to the user via email and publicize the posts and articles to the social sites and many different ways to monetize your website.

Why Feedburner For your Site?

Feedburner provides various services to burn your websites feeds.

It provide various services like .

  • Analyze: Service enable to analyze your feeds statics. like how many feeds this week , total feeds and many more…
  • Optimize: This tool Enable services like total click through your feeds , subscriber, tweaks and improve your feed.
  • Social Publicize: Use these tools to start attracting subscribers. Allow to e-mail subscription functions to allow visitors to sign up to receive  feed via e-mail. Allow Share feeds to social sites like twitter, Facebook and many social sites.
  • Monetize: Enable to integrating Google AdSense and Feedburner to Earn More.
  • Troubleshooting: If your feed isn’t working properly the way you think it should, So trouble shoot and fix it.

So , Now Exited For Setup Feedburner For your blog..?


First of all find your feeds link. If your WordPress permalink structure is Proper Than your Feeds is

Help for WordPress permalink Read : – How To Change Permalink Structure?

Now Go and sign up  :- FeedBurner Home page. [ Note :- You Must Have Gmail Account for Use FeedBurner Services ]

After Successful log in You will See Screen

Write your Website feed Address.


Now, Choose Title of feed. I recommend Try Your website tag name or meaning of your website name[for ex :- i wrote for wp blogger]

And Write feed Name  [Write Short Ex :- I wrote /ForWpBloggerFeed]

Setting up feedburner

 Congratulation , your Account Created.

feedburner wordpress

Now, Skip Directory Management and come to the optimization tab.

Here You can See Different Services Available to optimize your feeds.

but,you need few services to active which i highlight.

First Click On Browser Friendly Your feeds must be browser friendly.

Second Enable Smart feed.

Third Enable FeedFlare. and if you want spice up links than use Spice up link and also you can enable Image Feed.

google feedburner

After Successful Set Up Click On Next Tab Publicize.

And Enable services of Publicize First, Enable Email Subscription.It Enables To User registration And Subscribe your Posts.

Second is Ping Shot Which Enable fast ping your posts.

Third Enable feeds count Which count Your Post Feeds.

Fourth Enable Awareness API. Now If You Want Publish Your Post to Social Networking Site So enable Socialize Service.

What is feedburner

 Now, Click on Monetize Tab if your Website Associate with google adsense you can integrate it with feedburner.

FeedBurner Guide

Now,Your Setup is completed. Put Subscribe widget to your website and Enable user to subscribe your website to get daily updates!

Every day You can check your feed analysis and Subscriber lists click through your feed using Analyze Tab.

Now Enable Email Subscription on your WordPress Website

Subscribe Feedburner


For wordpress website you can use this plugin. which enable user to subscribe email.

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