Why choose WordPress As a Content Management System?

Starting out in 2003 as a blogging platform, WordPress has grown exponentially as a popular platform extensively in use by bloggers, designers and developers. From blogging, converting PSD to WordPress style XHTML, designing WordPress templates to developing corporate sites, WordPress as a CMS is one of the most important web platforms today, powering 20% of the web today. A good CMS must be flexible, simple, and secure and works just the way required. It should be search engine friendly and must support extendable functionality.

WordPress was initially developers to be a blogging platform. However, owing to its simple and user-friendly attributes, WordPress is preferred a simple CMS with lots of great plug-ins support. Here are some of the reasons why using a WordPress CMS is a good choice.

wordpress as content management system

5 reason to Choose WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS)


WordPress is more than just a blogging platform. It can be used to create a photo gallery, a magazine, an online company or even build your own customized website. From online gallery, online portfolio, news, eCommerce, article libraries, government site, photo blog to magazine site, WordPress can manage them simply and much competently.

Familiar CMS

WordPress as a content management system is widely used by many individuals and companies as a popular web content management system. Due to its awareness, it has earned credibility and also offers the ability to customize it as per your needs. For starters, you do not have to have any technical knowledge to use WordPress.


User-friendliness is a key feature of any good content management system. Simplicity is an important aspect of WordPress to ensure user-friendliness as users can easily manage and handle the CMS. Even if the users do not have knowledge of programming language or don’t have enough experience of using a CMS, they can still easily work with it using the standard documentation of WordPress.

Wide variety of creative Themes, Plug-ins and Templates

WordPress CMS offers some great templates, themes and plug-ins as compared to other CMS.   It comes with a huge features set for every type of user and there are different directories for themes and plug-ins, containing thousands of themes and plug-ins for you to design a beautiful website. You can create your own themes and extend your website’s functionality using plug-ins to add forums, spam protection, complex galleries, calendars, social networking, forms and tools to handle search engine optimization.

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Large community

Being the most popular open source CMS, WordPress has a supportive community. It is a good forum when you’re in a difficulty. Post a query and you will get help from the volunteers on support forums. You may also read tutorials and blog posts to learn about WordPress.

Built-in comments

WordPress CMS provides users space to engage with your content using the comment tools. Comments allow you to do everything you need to discuss on the forum.


According to the head of Google’s spam team, WordPress content management system is a good choice as it takes care of 80-90% of the mechanism of search engine optimization for your website. For an even better control of SEO, you can choose from a number of SEO plug-ins.

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There are also several benefits to use wordpress as a content management system or as a blog.

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                   Siraj, As a developer and SEO expert already developed many sites in WordPress and other CMSs and then Promoted them according to their niche, I found the WordPress more flexible and friendly to SEO. Works in NTES Group for a long time and being helping to offer a suitable web based business solutions.


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