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No doubt that Genesis frame is one the best wordpress theme there are dozen of reasons to choose Genesis framework theme Instead of other and the major reason is Genesis is SEO friendly and well code structure theme.

It has most Inbuilt SEO functionality which requires, so it makes users more attract to buy specially non technical user who don’t know much about SEO,

Here I post step by step complete guide of Genesis SEO settings which will definitely help to understand genesis seo functionality and how it’s work on page for better search ranking.

Configuration of Genesis SEO Settings

 Go to your Genesis –> Seo settings 

Genesis SEO settings image

Document title settings

This documents title settings that’s not meaning any document but it prefer your website name and descriptions, This is very Important to seo because It will show your website description and title on the search result and on browser tab when your site appear on search result, this will include on <Title> tag.

Add Site Description on homepage: Always Check on first option because the website name is very important by checking this option mean your website name and description will display on homepage which will show you deeply next Homepage settings topics so you can understand better.

Add Sitename to <title> on Home page: Do No check this option Its not required to insert home page name inner of other pages because all pages and post have different names, so this is note better for seo purpose.

Document title mean website name or slogan is always select on right side, for example if right now you point your mouse pointer on browser tab it will display my post name and end of the post my website name, so i think you understand better. If no then you can understand better in last topic of this post How Genesis SEO settings work ON Page.

Genesis SEO settings

Homepage Settings

The next big and very Important setting is Homepage settings,

Use HTML5 Page and section on Heading: Check this option, In newer version of genesis v2.0+ Add new functionality semantic  HTML5 markup which will beneficial to you after getting some experience on seo.

Here I try to describe most all Homepage settings and what the result of this settings in google snippet via image.

Homepage Document Title:

In this section you have to write your website title or slogan for example our site sitename is forwpblogger so I wrote My website name and slogan which you can see below Image.

Note: Homepage tile note more than 60 character.

Home Meta Description:

In this section you have to write what your site about in excerpt(sort description). for example our website targets wordpress users and we provide tutorial and tips about wordpress so I wrote sort description about it as you have to write about your site which describe your site.

Note: Meta description not more than 170 character.

Home Meta keywords:

in this section you have to write 6-7 different keyword which separated with commas, for example our site is about wordpress then I wrote wordpress and our site related 6-7 keyword with commas actually Meta keywords is not more effect in seo ranking but I prefer to write.

Note: Meta keyword not more than 6-7 keywords and it must separated with commas.

Homepage robot Meta Tags:

Here I am not going to more descriptive but try to explain you in sort.

No-Index: No index mean your page never index in google.

Nofollow:  No follow mean search engine not indexed and never follow your page.

No-archive: No archive mean your home page not archive.

Obviously uncheck these three options because we need our Websites homepage to index, follow and archive.

Homepage author:

here you have to select your website’s author or we can say owner.

Over all after complete settings and How your website looks when you search your website in search engine it will show in end of the Image.the complete snippet of the homepage settings.

Genesis SEO Homepage Settings

Document Head Settings

The next settings are document header settings , By checking these three options this links include in your websites <HEAD> section of your website and all post and page, According to major search engines your website <HEAD> Section required clean, so we are not going to check this three option leave this options are unchecked.

If you are using Windows live writer editor  so you have check Windows Live Writer Support tag.

Genesis themes Document Head Settings

Robots Meta Settings of Genesis theme

Robot Meta tag Settings is Also Very Important for seo, But beginners not understand about Meta tags Here I will try to explain.

NoIndex category : It means search engine not indexed your category archives. Check this option Because It will cause Duplicate link Issue.

NoIndex to Tag : same as category archives.

Same in both date and search Archives check both options we not required to index

noIndex Author: Uncheck this option if you are running your blog single author, otherwise you can Uncheck this option.


noodp mean – no open directory project and noydir mean no yahoo directory both tag are used for directory submission, If your site is submitted on DMOZ and yahoo directory and approved so check this options because sometime google will leak your page description very descriptive, if your site not submitted so Uncheck this two option.

Genesis SEO Robot Meta settings

Archives Settings

Canonical Pagination Archives mean if your site have pagination so by clicking this option all other pages are pointed to your homepage but many of genesis users says its not working so uncheck this.

Genesis Archive Settings

Now, your seo Settings are completed Save this settings, But only this seo settings are not make your website top there are still some other settings I recommend to do on Genesis themes It will Benefits to better SEO.

Essential Genesis Theme Setting for Better SEO

After save genesis seo settings. Now go Genesis theme settings.

Genesis theme settings

and go breadcrumb section,

Breadcrumb Setting of Genesis theme

Breadcrumb means It will display path of post trial and location where you are on Website.

Google search engine scan your whole website so enable bread crumb will benefits. Here Below image show after anable breadcrumb How it will look like. It will show top of your website post and pages. so check on posts, Pages and Archive. 404 page and homepage does not required Breadcrumb.

Gensis theme Breadcrumb Setting

Comments and Trackback Settings

CommentsThese settings completely depend on you if you want user can comment so you can enable this option.

Trackbacktrackback or link back is the one type of method when you submit article so links of submitted articles are pingback. it will depend on you enable or not. This will beneficial if you are running blog.

comments and trackback settings

Content Archive Settings

Next section you have to set Content archives, If your website frontpage is post page so your post article shows descriptive on home page  so here you can select to display excerpts your post, so it will shows your post excepts instead of full post, and if you want display feature image so check Include Feature Image you can select feature image size as your requirements select Image size below dropdown options .

content Archive settings

Now save your theme settings.

Authors SEO Settings

After successful saving genesis theme settings you have to go user profile, Select left side panel Users –> Your Profile.

genesis  user profile settings

On this page go Author archive Settings.

Genesis Author Archive Settings

How On page and post Genesis SEO Working?

Here I will Show you How Genesis Seo Works on Page or post, Go to Post –> Add new post, Here below post edit section you will see Theme SEO Settings, It is not theme settings but your post SEO settings,

Custom Document title:

In this section you have to write your post title or title which you want to show on search snippet, It must be related to your article like If I am going to write Nokia lumia review and its feature So you can see I wrote Nokia lumia 520 review and feature with some extra attractive title.

Note: Document title not more than 70 character long.

Custom Post/page Meta Description:

here you have to write sort description related your post/page you are going to write, Below image you can see nokia lumia 520 sort description.

Note: Meta description notes more than 170 characters.

Meta keyword:

Write 6-7 keywords related to your article with separate by commas.

Note: not more than 6-7 keywords and keywords must be separated with commas.

leave another option as well, I am not going more descriptive it will confuse you and important parts about Robot meta tag I already describe on upper section, when you get experience you will know about it.

After writing posts check it’s look in search result with Google rich snippet tools How its look like?

On Page Genesis SEO settings

So, after long Description I think you Beginners can understand all Genesis SEO options and Genesis SEO Settings. If you have any trouble feels free to comment. 🙂


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  1. Thank you Mitul for this post. I was actually trying to make sure I do not make any mistake in SEO settings. I purchased a genesis theme yesterday and was getting confused about their ebook instructions. They provide a ebook called Genesis for beginners where they say everything we should know about Genesis Themes. But that was not fulfilling my requirements. So I searched in Google and found this article. Ultimately I got my questions answered. Thank you.

  2. awesome dude !! awesome ………….

    thanks for this article… !! 🙂

  3. Thanks, this is a really powerful resource you put together here. Thanks again. I also have a question for you. I’m newer to Genesis and using the Minimum Theme. I’m thinking of switching themes and I’m right now I have my blog content on the home page. Would I lose andy SEO benifits by using a widgetized static home page ?

  4. Nice article.,
    Bit confused with genesis but this helped me great

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