How to Install and configuration of WordPress seo by yoast plugin

WordPress Seo by yoast plugin is one of the most famous seo plugin or we can say It’s one stop Seo plugin for wordpress users. whenever I started my blog I am research about best free Seo plugin for wordpress and every one pointed Yoast’s plugin. But After Installation I see lots of options and features of seo which I don’t know and confusing about exact settings of plugin. But after few months spending with this plugin and my little experience I decide to post deep description about plugin with snapshots of settings so beginners can understand easily.

If you are using different seo plugin and decide to go with yoast plugin so don’t worry this plugin also provide integration facility with your existing seo plugin like All in seo, headspace2 or genesis themes in built seo and many more.

How to setup WordPress seo by yoast plugin

Installation of the plugin is very easy just Go to your wordpress dashboard.

  1. Go Plugin –> Add New
  2. Write WordPress Seo in Search box And hit Search Plugin.
  3. Click on Install and,
  4. Active Plugin

Installation and activation of wordpress seo by yoast plugin

How To config WordPress Seo by Yoast

After Installation and Activation Go to SEO settings Click on Dashboard, And follow Below steps to config.

Dashboard of wordpress seo plugin

Step 1. Dashboard and Webmaster Tool Settings

On Dashboard settings Uncheck First Allow tracking because it sent your website information to plugin company. Second on Security check the Disable the Advance part of the WordPress SEO Meta box If you are running your blog with multiple users. if you are running your blog with sole so you can uncheck this options.

Wordpress seo by yoast plugin

WebMaster Tools

Whenever you submit your website to webmaster and verify your website you got meta values, you have to copy that meta values into this boxs This Option allows to track your meta values to major search engine webmaster like Google,Alexa and Bing.

Step 2. Title and Metas settings

This is very important part to config correctly, There are several options, I saw you step by step settings.

1.General settings

 Title Settings 

By checking Force rewrite titles this plugin modify your themes title and tags as per your settings automatically so check it.

 Meta Settings 

No-index Settings: Check this option, this is prevent your home page second page or if you write two or more page article than prevent Duplicate link Issue.

Meta Keyword Tag: Check this meta keyword work same as tag of article functions, you have to write keywords of your related article which I saw you below

noodp/nodir Keyword tag : Uncheck both option until you don’t know about this. This options are useful when your website submitted on Dmoz or yahoo Directory.

 Clean Up the <HEAD> Section 

All major search engine prefer head section clear so you can clear first Two option RSD and WLWManifest link but don’t check Shortlink of your post and RSS feed, because Some plugin needs RSS Feed link on Head Section.

configr wordpress seo by yoast plugin

HomePage Title Settings

Homepage title settings which describe About your website, like What is Website about and its excert description. Below Image shows our Website Title and description.

Title Template : title template describe your website name or slogan you have to write your website name on this box like our website name forwpblogger so I wrote slogan forwpblogger.

Note: Template title not more than 70 character.

Meta Description template: In this box you have to write about your website like what is website about, for example our website targets wordpress users and provide wordpress tutorial, tips and all so we wrote sort description about it, so you have to write your website description.

Note: Meta Description not more than 170 character.

Meta keyword Template: In this box you have to write 6-7 different keywords which related to your site like our website related to WordPress so wrote WordPress, WordPress blog and other 6-7 keywords which all related to wordpress.

Note: not more than 6-7 keyword, Every keyword separate with comma.

Homepage seo settings

Post Type settings

On new updation of yoast plugin have by default good settings so I recommends don’t Modify this settings. On post this settings how perform I will show you end of the post.


Taxonomies is important part of SEO, It include titles and metas of categories, Tags, which is important onpage seo. you can know more about Category vs Tag Here.

Use categories and tags title template as it is by default  but check on Meta robots Noindex, follow on Both Categories and tag  Which mean google not index your categories and tags but follow that.

Apply same As on Media SEO settings.

Other SEO settings

leave Author Archive, date Archive and Special page settings by default it is Already sets up.

Taxonomies settings

Step 3. Social settings

Now a days social media optimization must required, and this plugin includes this features with Integrate three major Social site Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


In facebook tab you have to check box and add open graph metadata. this plugin add open graph metadata in <HEAD> section. The next option on facebook tab is add facebook insight and Admin In this section you have to add your websites facebook page and verify the owner of the page who is admin of the page.

you can add by default image like your website logo so when someone share your website page on facebook so this image shows by default in thumbnail.


In Twitter tab you have to write your websites twitter page user-name like @4wpblogger is our website’s official page username, so this plugin can add Twitter Card on <HEAD> Section.


On this tab you have to choose author of your website which add “rel=author” on your post.

Read : How to verify Google Authorship for your Blog?

In second box you have to write your google+ page address.

Step 5. XMl Sitemap Settings Of Yoast

Sitemap is very important part of the SEO, xml sitemap it allows to index websites URL quickly on webmaster and priority of the links, Don’t worry about XML Sitemap this plugin also Includes XML Functionality.

Check the box to enable XML Sitemap functionality.

Note: Before click on XML Sitemap  button, check on Disable author/User Sitemap, Check on Ping yahoo and so this plugin automatically ping when you post article or page.

leave Exclude post type options as it is.

On Exclude taxonomies : Check all of three category, tag, and format option.

XML Seetings by yoast

Step 5. Permalink settings

Before Setting of permalink you have to manually change your permalink structure.

Read: How to change Permalink structure on WordPress.

After Change permalink structure now back on permalink settings option on yoast plugin.

  • uncheck first option because you already manually setup permalink structure. Other wise checking this option this plugin by default make category base url.
  • In second option Enforcing trailing required when you are use .html end of the post, otherwise leave it uncheck.
  • Stopword is not good for SEO so check third option which removes stop words automatically from slug.
  • Check on fourth option It redirect automatically feature it will help you to better SEO.
  • check Remove ?replyocom variable. its help to prevent duplicate content Issue.

Leave canonical Settings As it is.

WordPress Seo

Step 6. Internal link Settings

This setting contain Breadcrumbs not internal links of your website. Breadcrumb is define location or path of the on which page you are. In below Image shows is this breadcrumb, you can see breadcrumb on upper of article heading. It shows path of the Article Which you are on.Breadcrumb



Step 7. RSS Settings

This plugin contains rss feeds, There are many people who scrap your post content from your RSS feeds, So using this plugin which backlink your websites to your post, so google can understand this post origin your site.

leave RSS Feeds setting as its is default.

Step8. Import and Export Settings

After Successful setting of this plugin you can export this all setting as backup so next time when your website mashup so you don’t have to do again this long procedure again you have to just import this settings.

Edit Files

The Next option on Yoast Plugin is Edit file, Here you can see yoast plugin provides to edit your Robots.txt and .htaccess file within Dashboard, so whenever you have to modify or remove functions on .htaccess file so you don’t have to go cPanel or FTP you can edit it using yoast plugin.

Now, Your WordPress Seo by yoast is Essential settings are over, but only settings can never take your Website on first page, thats why this plugin contain lots more features I will show you how this plugin Work and analysis on Page or Post and tell you your Article are fulfill with google algorithm or not, it’s poor or good. Let see,

How WordPress SEO By Yoast Plugin Works on Page or Post?

After Complete settings whenever you go to write article or page under the page or article you will see another seo box which you have to fill manually about related to your article or page, So How to do that I will show you,

And also Here I Would Share How WordPress SEO by yoast plugin Works on page or post and how Analysis your page and Shows you which Important things you missing an article or Which things you can do for better search engine result.

On page Settings

Whenever you are Writing article or page or particular topic so you must wish when someone search about that topic so your article must be on first page of search result, so here I will show how to do that or How this plugin settings are Work to make your Article on first page.

For example I am going to write article on MaxCDN review, so my primary keyword is MaxCDN review  so when someone search about maxcdn review so my article must be on page on search result, So as it is you have to Write in seo box.

Focus Keyword: write primary keyword of your article like here is mine maxcdn review, so plugin can analysis exact keyword on article.

SEO Title: In seo title you have to write Article title , it must be related to your article.

[Note: SEO title must be less than 70 character]

Meta Description: Here you have to write sort description about your article.

[Note: Meta description must be less than 170 character]

Meta keyword: Write different 6-7 keywords with separated by comma related to your article.

[Note: keywords are not more than 7]

Over all you can see in Below Image.

Wordpress SEO by yoast on page settingsJust Completed this page is not make your page or article on top of search result you have to analysis what remain to do, don’t worry this plugin contain inbuilt page analysis which shows what is missing or what you have to do.

Page analysis result

Next tab after general settings you can see page analysis options.

on page analysis of seo plugin


This part same I mention on Title and Meta settings on this post, you don’t have to do anything If you don’t know much about this part. You can redirect post by enter url in 301 Redirect post section.

Advance part of WordPress seo plugin

Social settings

this is nothing but after publish article this plugin also link your article head section of facebook and google+ so, here you have to write short excerpt describe abt article which you want to show.

on page social settings

Finally check your article SEO Complete?

Finally an article or page check your publish section here you will see green symbol that mean your article completely optimize and ready to publish. If here you will see yellow, red or brown symbol that mean check analysis and general settings try to make all symbol on analysis tab green symbol.

Article with complete seo

Proof of How WordPress seo by yoast plugin better than all Other Plugin.

finally here is proof Is yoast plugin Good or not, as I mention on page analysis topic to shows how to fill seo box on page or post above with “MaxCDN review” keyword Now try search maxcdn review on google and see result your self. 🙂

I hope you get your all answer and question about “WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin” in this long In depth article, if no then feel free to comment 🙂


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